Website Update


Since my last blog in June there have been many achievements and changes. I am now the Web Content Lead, having worked hard to define my new role in the team and flying the flag for web and content design.

I have been working extremely hard on the content audit which is a process we undertake yearly (if possible); collaboratively working with our service leads to ensure the information on their webpages are relevant, up to date and concise. This piece of work has been included alongside the Digital Customer Portal (DCP) project where the current customer portal is being replaced with a new system. This meant online forms were being moved onto the new platform, which allowed me to complete a content audit at the same time.

During this very busy time, I was also taking a keen interest (and keeping an eager eye) on a new collaborative project called LocalGov Drupal, ‘a publishing platform created by councils, for councils’ (LocalGov Drupal, 2021). Following the Local Digital Declaration, they have developed a shared resource of code, based on research, expertise and best practices to ensure councils deliver a great digital experience for its public facing websites. LocalGov Drupal (LGD) is a community of developers, content designers and digital leaders from local councils across the UK.

LGD is a great opportunity to progress and redesign our current website without having to re-invent the wheels. Collaboration and sharing code reduces costs, time and resources. Our Vision for the website is to ensure we provide you with what you need, when you need it, quickly, simply and easily. To be able to provide our community with the best experience and constantly develop our services, we find that LGD is the first step to achieve this as it recognises and shares our aims and objectives for the future.

It also makes sense!

All local councils provide the same kind of service and the same kind of information to their residents regardless of where they are in the UK. So why not provide the same or similar digital experience, where the website and webpages shouldn’t be different in its layout and overall design. 

There are many benefits of being involved with LGD, the main values for us include reducing the cost of building or updating the council website and meeting our user’s needs. By designing a website which is easy and simply, we can enable you to find the information you require quickly, to complete a task or find the information you need.

We are very excited to join the LGD community and are raring to go with developing our site. There are many new opportunities and features that we can introduce to the new website design and are very confident you would appreciate the innovative designs.

By Shazia on 17th Nov 2021
Shazia Attia is the Web Content Lead at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.