Waste Transformation Week Notes - Week 7



Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working as a team to try and streamline our own internal processes and documentation – sort of a “practice what you preach” scenario! We wanted to make it easier for both the Service Design Team and the System Officers to collaborate together without duplicating work. We have now re designed our document recording, and so far this has worked well to save time and documents are easier to understand.

Garden waste

This week has seen us do end to end testing on the garden waste forms.

On our previous Customer Portal customers would had to fill out a new application for each subscription they wanted. User research had told us that one of the things our customers needed was to be able to sign up to multiple subscriptions through one form. Our Digital Customer Portal (DCP) has given us the opportunity to incorporate this into our 2022 form so a customer can select the amount of subscriptions they want and the form will automatically calculate the correct price for the number of bins chosen.

To make it easier than ever to sign up, previous subscribers will receive an email with a link on, advising when they are able to renew with the early bird discount. We are going to stagger these emails to try to reduce a flood of traffic into our Contact Centre and on the DCP.

Testing will continue throughout this week ready to go live soon!

Mobile worker

The mobile worker development has now reached a stage where we can introduce it to our in bin delivery forms. Next job is to work like the well-oiled team that we are and mass test forms.

User research

User research this week has led us to re wording the way we ask customers and users for their address on forms. We have taken feedback on board, and comprised a new question which is simpler with clear instructions.

diagram of user research process


We love receiving feedback on our forms as it gives us the opportunity to continually improve. Our main aim is to make sure the customer journey is as simple and productive as they need it to be, and help them to reach their end goal. If we do receive any comments or feedback, our first step is to check whether others feel the same. If so we can then decide the best course of action and iterate any changes needed.

Our aims for the coming week:

     - To test our appointment forms

     - To launch our Garden Waste scheme for 2022

     - To start work on our bulky collection forms

     - To enjoy our Christmas Quiz!

By Katie Leake on 9th Dec 2021
Katie Leake is an Assistant Service Designer with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council