Waste Transformation Week Notes - Week 5



Wow, it has been a really busy week!

After our success of missed waste collections going live, we thought we would keep momentum going and see what goes next!

We decided on putting our fresh start form live, as it was one of the first processes we designed, built and fully tested. This is a form that generates income, and gives customers the opportunity to have an extra waste collection or to have a contaminated bin emptied for a small fee. The refuse crews do the extra collections on a Wednesday so we had to factor this into our plans.

Our plan of action was to close down the old form on the Tuesday night and put the new DCP form live on Wednesday morning, before the contact centre opened. This gave our development team the chance to make sure the bin crew reports were all correct.

Things went well with the go live and we can tick another process off our list.

a green bin wagon


Another mammoth task this week was to input 1195 assisted waste collections into the DCP!!!  We dived (and sometimes drowned) into the excel report and worked really hard as a team to ensure this job was completed. This had to be done to ensure that those addresses who access the service are able to link in to the 3 year renewal process.

We were able to reuse existing functionality to put this process in place, so we recalled our experience form the work we did with School Transport and set about testing and training the Business Operations Team to be able to provide the admin support required. 

We are now in a position to finish designing and testing our customer assistance forms, so that they can go live as soon as possible.

User research…..

....has been focused on bulky collections this past week. This is a future process that will be moved to the DCP and is currently being developed by our supplier. Early engagement with users by our User Researcher means we can gather feedback on what works well in our current processes so we are able to redesign this for our new iteration.

Away from waste we have some interesting pieces of user research coming our way in the form of Taxi Licensing and engaging with our Members regarding how they report issues to the correct departments.

Plans for the upcoming week:

     - To put assisted waste forms live.

     - Add mobile worker functionality to the appointment forms.

     - End to end testing of mobile worker.

By Katie Leake on 18th Nov 2021
Katie Leake is an Assistant Service Designer with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council