Waste Transformation Week Notes - Week 3


Go Live time

Well, we had a girl’s night in!

Not your usual type though, this one was far more sober and productive and saw us working until past our bedtime!!

Street Cleansing is officially live, the only way to describe it as the end of a marathon – it has been a long process and something we have been working on since March 2021, but extremely worth it.

A go live is made up of several compartments, which are orchestrated by the Service Designer that has led the work for that particular service. One thing we have to have ready beforehand is the test plan, this is step by step plan which allows us to test that the forms and functionality are working, in our live environment, as we need them to.

This provides a vital chance to work out last minute problems that may arise and a chance to fix them before the customers have access to the form. There is then all the background tasks for the System Support Officers (SSO’s) to carry out, like ensuring the forms have the correct access and are in the correct places on their platforms and of course that the new mobile worker functionality and devices are working as expected.

The days following the go live were critical in ensuring a smooth transition. Members of our team spent time on the ground with our contact centre and business operations staff, providing support for them and also gathering their feedback.

User Research

User research since the street cleansing go live has been positive so far, and we have been able to make some small alterations to make the service as user friendly as possible. This is a great benefit of agile working, that we can continuously improve our digital portal. As the feedback has been positive, we are going to implement some of the ideas within the rest of our waste transformation.

One recurring piece of feedback is that the users of the form liked that we had kept consistency within the forms. Each of the Street Cleansing forms have the same starting pages that are in line with the Government Design Standards. One of the principles of their standards is to ‘be consistent, not uniform’ – and this is what we have tried to incorporate so that customers get a familiar feeling when using our forms.

Our big surprise this week is that we are actually going to be putting some of our waste forms live sooner than planned! Through organisation and hard work, we are luckily nearly ready with the forms that are needed and as a team, we are working on a plan to try and ensure a smooth transition for the users of the form including contact centre staff and customers.

Our aims for the coming week:

     - Put live the missed waste form.

     - Carry out user research on street cleansing and waste.

      - Work on testing our new appointment function.

By Katie Leake on 3rd Nov 2021
Katie Leake is an Assistant Service Designer with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council