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Now more than ever things are changing at a rapid pace, so when the decision was made to move our Finance system to a hosted platform in August we knew that it had to be achieved quickly while still meeting the needs of our customers, both internal and external.

The decision was part of the wider Council strategy to move to hosted, Cloud based platforms. This reduces the amount of IT systems and infrastructure that we need to support and maintain locally in the council. The shape of our organisation is also changing with much of the workforce expected to carry on working remotely, even beyond lockdown, so our approach is now more flexible in the way we work and the way we design systems for that work. 

One of the critical success factors was that down-time was kept to a minimum; the new system was available to us for final testing within 1 day and to all users after 2 days.

We started work on 9th September and went ‘live’ on 19th October for all users and also included single sign-on so no more forgotten passwords! This could not have been achieved without an extremely dedicated set of business testers and the fast and reliable service provided to us by the team at Civica.

How did we do this?

  • We assembled an extremely motivated Project/Scrum team where all members had the same goal in mind
  • We adopted a multi-disciplinary team approach with Finance and Business Change, where all members were accountable and responsible equally
  • We identified roles with a clear Product Owner in finance
  • We developed an extremely good working relationship with our suppliers
  • We arranged the work in to short and specific activities
  • We maintained good communication by regular 'virtual stand ups' on MS Teams

What did we learn?

  • We work best, and achieve more, when everyone works together despite being from different departments, or even companies
  • Things change – we need to accept this and work with what we have
  • Building and leveraging trusted and strong relationships with suppliers and across teams is essential – One Team



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By Nicola Gallimore on 28th Oct 2020
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