Managing workloads


During the course of my time in the DCP team, starting in April 2021, it has been a busy year. Various projects, issues and advancements have been present across this time period, each with their own challenges and resolutions.

To start, within a week of my journey, I was set off to build forms for the Digital Customer Portal (DCP) and I have developed in my knowledge ever since. I now manage a variety of forms along with supporting the DCP systems and users.

The DCP has provided me with many opportunities to learn and develop within the system. Learning how to configure the payments, service level agreements and profiles along with many more examples. Learning and developing on these parts of the system while managing deadlines has been eventful for certain, balancing out these parts whilst making sure they go live correctly for the public in the forms was part of my role.

In my opinion, when building forms, go lives are the most important part of the process. Alongside this, I must also maintain the governance that surrounds it as well as the documentation afterwards. I have to ensure that all of the details are correct for our customers and users, giving them the most secure use of the forms where the information that is collected is held correctly and restricted from access of unauthorised usage.

While this can indeed get hectic and easily stack up, collaboration with my team and breaking down all the tasks I have at one time has allowed for priorities to be set and met over the duration of my time on the DCP team. Managing your own workload is important, but what is just as important is allowing yourself to take a step back and take a breath. Take a small walk, go get a snack and come back with a relaxed and tempered mind.

I would like to share some thoughts which have had a positive impact for me when the demands of the role are at their peak.

Remember to take a break and to not let the work become a burden on your shoulders. Plan things out in a way that is best for your own health, to tackle it in time and confide in your co-workers if needed. Talk to friends and loved ones to get any stresses or burdens off your mind before beginning a new project, task or issue.

It’s your words, not mine or anyone else’s that determine your path, health and burdens. Take it slow, take a breath and move forward.

By Ethan on 28th Jan 2022
Ethan is a System Support and Development Officer at Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.