Joining the DCP Team



My journey within the council started as an I.T volunteer at Blackburn Library. It was this role which peaked my interest in this sector of the Council. I slowly developed my skills whilst teaching members of the public I.T skills and the opportunity to become a Digital Apprentice for the Library soon arose. I gained skills in marketing aspects including creating promotional techniques and working on the Library website.

I joined the DCP team soon after finishing my apprenticeship which I feel was a great way to introduce myself to my current role of System Support and Development Officer - a role which will be placing more responsibility onto myself and hopefully allow me to gain more skills in I.T.                                    

As my team are working from home, we have been communicating and working together via Microsoft Teams which is a new way of life for me. I have worked with my team online more than I have in person, which at first I was apprehensive about as a working method, but it has become my new normal. I know that I can easily contact them, and despite not being physically together we can still work as a team.

Highlights of my time so far with the DCP team, have included learning about access roles and the certain permissions allocated to each one, learning about the HWRC (Tips) and the booking schedules for these, building forms and understanding tasks and rules to include into them.

I have aimed to gain as much knowledge as I currently can to support my team and studied the ‘how to’ guides to be aware of the right tool necessary for the right job, as being an agile worker is all about finding the most appropriate and effective way of working to carry out certain tasks and solve problems.

As a System Support Officer, my role will include supporting the Service Designers and it will be interesting to break away from my mini Support Team, and work alongside the designers when creating forms.

I understand how my role fits into delivering the Council’s priorities as my team are vital in providing the public with services that they want and need, especially during this current pandemic when matters are more urgent. I look forward to taking a leading role in developing the Councils Digital Customer Portal and I have always been a keen and enthusiastic individual who enjoys problem solving and will seek to incorporate these qualities into my new role.






DCP , Digital

By Mehvish Mahmood on 13th Nov 2020
A member of the DCP team as a System Support & Development Officer