TeamTalk 2.0



On Tuesday 17 October we successfully launched our new intranet.  After 12 months of research, planning, prototyping, writing, building, and testing it was great to finally exchange the old TeamTalk for TeamTalk 2.0.


We were lucky to have User Researchers involved in the intranet working team.  At the start of the project they spoke to staff from across the workforce to find out what they did and didn’t like about the old site and what they would like to see in the new version.  Once we started working on the look and feel of the new intranet they supported us with testing different versions and gathering further feedback.  This was important to make sure that staff were always involved in the design, including a potential name change. The new site is built in a system called LocalGov Drupal, this is the same as the main council website so it should be familiar with staff.

Progress from a wireframe to a prototype to the live site


Auditing the old content

One of the biggest tasks was reviewing all the content that was on the old site, we didn’t just want to lift and shift. This involved recording all the pages and then working with the subject matter experts on mapping them into a topic areas to help staff to navigate the information and easily find what they needed. 

Content design

Once we had determined the structure of the new site it was time to work on the new content. We used an app called Hemingway Editor to make sure that we wrote the content in Plain Language so that it was easy to understand.  This was combined with gathering up to date documents from service areas and either uploading them to the site or sharing them from Teams.


It was great to have the new site almost ready for launch in time for the Staff Briefings.  We were able to have a stand and let staff have a look at it and give feedback.  This gave us an opportunity to make any last-minute changes prior to Go Live.

Go Live

After a soft launch the previous evening to check everything was working, we went live with the new site on the 17 October.  With support from IT and Comms, we were really pleased that there were no issues and staff arrived at work to the new site in the morning.

Business as usual and future developments

Now it’s almost a month since launch and we have moved to business-as-usual processes. Day to day management of the content has remained in the Digital Transformation team and change requests are coming in using the intranet content request form (internal use only). We are working through the requests, ensuring that the content is accessible and easy to find for staff.   We are also collecting feedback (internal use only) and will be reviewing this for future developments of the site. 
We are attending regular meetings with LocalGov Drupal to discuss their roadmap of developments.  One that we are looking forward to implementing will be the Publications module which will help us with presenting policies and large documents in an accessible format.
The news is still managed by the Communications team and they also have a new form to request news articles (internal use only).




By Sarah Quinn on 15th Nov 2023
Sarah Quinn is a Content Designer with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council